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What is the escape room?

Find out what it is and how to choose the best escape rooms.

Read about the history and rules of escape rooms. Find out how to choose the best room for yourself and how to book it easily.

Escape room is for sure:

  • Teamwork

  • Journey to another

  • Fascinating way
    of spending time

  • Great idea
    for a surprise

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About escape rooms in a few words

Escape room is a phenomenal game derived from the popular online activity and introduced to the real world! Its evolution will amaze you, as the former online players are pulled off their computer screens and pushed into the real life situations where they have to solve the puzzles to escape the actual room before the time is up. Moreover, the screenwriters came up with many other ideas of various arcade games and surprises that will impede your escape. And the clock is ticking! The time will be your greatest enemy - the one with no mercy.

First - they will lock you in a room
First - they will lock you in a room
You will search all the room
You will search all the room

                    You will solve all the puzzles
You will solve all the puzzles
You will free yourself from the room
You will free yourself from the room

The history of escape rooms

The escape room entertainment has its origins in the world of virtual games where in 1988 the first game based only on the scenario that appeared on the computer screen was made. The scenario itself (room description, etc.) was already enough for the player to have a great fun and impatiently pursue the goal being the escape from the locked room. Because, since the very beginning, that was the very goal of this worldwide popular game - to escape from a given room, which was possible only after unraveling all the riddles and puzzles.

The next few years are the evolution of the Escape the room entertainment. Online games could already have the detailed graphics of rooms and the so-called « point and click » era, meaning the on-screen game with a mouse in the hand, began. Computer riddles were becoming increasingly demanding and intriguing which caused a rising interest in the game among players with computers, smartphones or tablets. At that point, no one expected that the development of this kind of entertainment would finally exceed the wildest imagination of its users and an already well-know « room escape » would turn into a « real life room escape ». What it actually meant was that the game became physically real, so the player from behind his computer, could actually enter the mysterious room, try to solve all the task and eventually escape the room ahead of time.

Some golden rules

  1. Don't break the rules
  2. Have fun instead of competiting
  3. Choose the right team
  4. Choose the room that suits you best
  5. Don't be too shy to ask for a clue
Read more hints in our article Find a room for yourself
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