• Escape room Ghost of Kunsthof

    Ghost of Kunsthof
    Escape Game

    Very little puzzles

    06.09.2019 | visit date: 05.09.2019

    The room is pretty basic and straight forward. Design is very simple and quite used - definitely would welcome some refreshments. Puzzles are rather easy and do not require much thinking. If anything it's a bit of searching and manual work - they are not really connected with the overall story and only the piano is challenging. The room feels so short, that authors had to add a "bonus game".

    It's really a shame as the location is great and service was awesome!

  • Escape room Geheimzimmer

    Smart Room Nürnberg

    Good puzzles, medium climate

    16.08.2019 | visit date: 15.08.2019

    Nice room requiring various skills - from good attention to details to be handy in manual operations - and ability to put solved puzzles together to get to the next one (the story is rather linear). All of this combined in a pleasant and fun way. We enjoyed the game a lot, although the room would welcome some refreshment, as its clearly quite used off after being on a market for a while.

  • Escape room Leichenhaus

    Smart Room Nürnberg

    Who died here?

    05.08.2019 | visit date: 13.06.2019

    Room was nicely put together with a mixture of different riddles and decor which lets you sink into the story. It is a bit used however and would welcome some small refreshments. Also, the second part of the riddles does not really fit into the story I would say, but overall we had quite some fun.

  • Escape room Doktor Kanibal

    Doktor Kanibal
    Room Escape Berlin

    Mixed feelings

    05.08.2019 | visit date: 25.07.2019

    The room started very nicely with an interesting mix of riddles, scarry decor, and spacy layout. Unfortunately halfway the game it turns into a hide-and-seek game, where there are no riddles and clues anymore, but you need to find few numbers hidden in completely random places and not connected to the room story at all. We were very disappointed in the end. The game master (girl) was very nice but spoke very poor English.

  • Escape room Hackers Home Reloaded

    Hackers Home Reloaded
    Exit - Live Adventure


    05.08.2019 | visit date: 18.12.2018

    Story of the room is only remotely connected with hackers, but an overall design of the room is good and the place is spacy. The riddles were not very hard but required quite some thinking. Overall we had good fun.

  • Escape room Casino

    Smart Room Nürnberg

    Very poorly maintained

    05.08.2019 | visit date: 11.07.2019

    This room needs serious refreshment. A lot of decor items and riddles heavily used or destroyed, half of the things not working as it meant to be. Riddles poorly designed. Even the game master could not explain one riddle due the bad design of it. We were very disappointed.

  • Escape room Gefängnis

    Cat in the bag

    Test your co-operation

    05.08.2019 | visit date: 28.09.2018

    The room is nicely designed and well maintained. The riddles are fairly simple but quite innovative and nicely put together into a linear story. The room requires strong co-operation between [Spoiler]. We exited quickly but still enjoyed the game.

  • Escape room Russen Mafia

    Russen Mafia
    Room Escape Berlin

    Room for people with good space memory

    30.07.2019 | visit date: 18.07.2019

    We visited this room as a couple and had quite a lot of fun. The riddles are nicely put together and spread between a few rooms, so you have to put a lot of attention to details and memorize the interior layout of the game to know what can be used where and how. The room does not have many locks but involves quite a lot of moving around, as items are usually used in a different location they are found in. We really liked this setup and was able to exit with only 1 hint at the end where we missed a tiny detail of the final riddle. However we think this room might not be so playable for a larger group due people getting into each other way in a quite limited space.

  • Escape room Testament Czarodzieja - Escape Box

    Testament Czarodzieja - Escape Box
    Liga Odkrywców

    Trusted review

    Fajna zabawa, mimo uproszczonej formy

    10.12.2018 | visit date: 09.12.2018

    To było nasze pierwsze spotkanie z ESC box i muszę przyznać, że bawiliśmy się wyborowo. Mimo uproszczonej formy (skrzynka zamiast pokoju), zagadki były przemyślane, dobrze trzymały fabułę i sprawiły nam frajdę.

    Jedyna drobna uwaga: w pewnym momencie, aby przejść dalej, trzeba coś zrobić niejako "na siłę". Nie do końca byliśmy pewni, czy faktycznie trzeba się szarpać ze skrzynką i gdyby nie sugestia przed grą, iż każdy przedmiot należy wyciągnąć, z pewnością byśmy utknęli w tym punkcie. Zwłaszcza, ze przy wyciąganiu niszczyliśmy niecący jeden zaczep :(

    Skrzynka ogólnie wydaje się dość delikatna i obawiam się, że może nie przetrwać zbvyt wielu gier...

    Tym niemniej polecamy :)

  • Escape room Madness

    Exit the Room

    Room was fine except the final riddle

    06.12.2018 | visit date: 06.12.2018

    We visited the room in a party of 2. It contains a fair combination of "hide and seek" and logical riddles and has a reasonably OK interior (although very loosely connected with the intro story). Our game was going well and we had quite a lot of fun until the last riddle. We gathered the combination of 7 digits, but without any clue in the room on the order of entering them into the code lock, we failed to exit. It was a bit disappointing as the explanation from the host was not really making it any cleaner.

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