The XD Project


    The XD Project

    We are W.I.S.E .: a secret intelligence agency operating around the world to protect people from danger. Recently, we have received information about the dis... [more]

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    Plot of the room

    We are W.I.S.E .: a secret intelligence agency operating around the world to protect people from danger.
    Recently, we have received information about the disappearance of three scientists from the Spider Tech research facility. The case has been covered up, although the researchers are still missing. We suspect their disappearance is related to what Spider Tech used to call THE XD PROJECT. We don't know what's behind it, but a Chameleon’s (our double agent) report suggests it is an extremely dangerous case.
    We chose you - our best agents for this mission! Your task is to get the secret blueprints of The XD Project, before it’s too late…
    Be careful, don't trust anyone and good luck. Over and Out.

    Escape Room Online “The XD Project” is an action-packed adventure with special agents! You have a Game Master to help you, but you can see and navigate the game spaces yourself (360˚ view) without having to control the avatar. As members of one Team you can see your cursors (mouse movements) on the screen. Thanks to this, you can cooperate and share your ideas for solving riddles in real time.

    What is live cam escape and how does the game look like?

    Live cam escape room
    During the live cam escape room game, you will solve puzzles presented in a real room by the Game Master in front of your monitors. You will have the visual and audio contact. All puzzles will be adapted to this type of game. After booking, you will receive clear instructions from the company on how the game will work and you will receive a link to the game. Read more

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    This room is also available as an offline version and has average score of 7.5/10 - check the reviews here

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    worst experience ever

    1/24/21 | visit date: 1/24/21

    Trusted review

    lex58 7 reviews

    We are very experience, regular adventure hunters and we go to escape room whenever we have a chance. Out of all the rooms we ever been we have never ever been able to escape the room.
    There was no communication, no zoom meeting or any other platform for us to join and team up in solving the online game.
    If you are looking to play a live cam escape room this is not it. This is some low budged online game where you solve puzzles by entering code. Nothing different than million of games you can find for free on internet.
    We never been so dissipated and frustrated after playing a game.
    If you wanna have fun just pick an actual room or just buy a card game ( its still going to be more fun than this)
    We will not chose this company again.

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    Overall rating: 1/10

    Customer service: 1/10

    Interior: 1/10

    Difficulty: Hard

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