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    A hint of a floral scent with a sweet hint of lust, a hint of bitterness, a hint of innocence, and a hint of fear… is it a perfect recipe for the new fragran... [more]

    1-6 people

    75' minutes



    3 reviews

    Live Cam Escape Room: 10th place
    Poland: 5th place

    Plot of the room

    A hint of a floral scent with a sweet hint of lust, a hint of bitterness, a hint of innocence, and a hint of fear… is it a perfect recipe for the new fragrance? The only one, that would be the essence of your innermost desires?

    The smell can be extracted from flowers, fruit, trees... But is it possible to get the smell of leather or the smell of emotions?

    Many people have lost themselves while searching for the perfect fragrance. Can an ordinary murderer turn out to be a visionary looking for the perfect fragrance? A scent that pierces the human being?

    In a small town where a car appears only by mistake, and the railway tracks are only a reminder of the life that once upon a time bustled here. A married couple with their son and their beloved dog have lived in a small house with a real thatched roof. To help with the summer harvest, they hired a boy who was walking with a bundle on his back along the road while they were working in the field. He went to work and all he wanted was a bowl of soup. The farmhand's only luggage were countless bottles and the book "Perfume". He was passionate about the history of getting the perfect fragrance. The farmhand used to spend his free time at the back of old railway warehouses. So summer has passed day after day...

    Autumn came, a friendly purchasing manager, concerned about the lack of news from his friends, went to visit them with his companion. As it turned out, there was no one in the house, the dog kennel was empty too. He looked around the room until finally he smelled only a sharp smell and fainted...

    Waking up in a cramped, dark room, a person intoxicated with drugs does not distinguish between fiction and the real world. You must come face to face with your fears and learn the mystery of your friends' disappearance.

    What is live cam escape and how does the game look like?

    Live cam escape room
    During the live cam escape room game, you will solve puzzles presented in a real room by the Game Master in front of your monitors. You will have the visual and audio contact. All puzzles will be adapted to this type of game. After booking, you will receive clear instructions from the company on how the game will work and you will receive a link to the game. Read more

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    10/10 Customer service: 10/10 Interior: 10/10 Difficulty: Hard Number of reviews: 3

    This room is also available as an offline version and has average score of 9.6/10 - check the reviews here

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    15 pts

    1 review

    Zaskakująco pozytywnie

    1/29/21 | visit date: 1/11/21

    kudelka.dariusz 1 review

    Świetnie było ponownie rozwiązywać zagadki! Szacun dla prowadzącego - można było wczuć się w klimat pokoju. Pomimo pierwszego sceptycznego nastawienia na przechodzenie pokoju online osobiście polecam! Świetne dla osób, które nie mogą razem się spotkać, a lubią spędzać wspólnie czas.

    Overall rating: 10/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 10/10

    Difficulty: Hard


    34 pts

    9 reviews

    Świetna zabawa!

    1/28/21 | visit date: 1/11/21

    Misianna 9 reviews

    Ostatnio miałam okazję poraz pierwszy skorzystać z zabawy jaką jest Escape Room Online. Na początku miałam pewne obawy, czy aby na pewno taka formuła sprosta oczekiwania dosyć mocno doświadczonej ekipy. Jednak tęsknota za wspólną rozrywką i pokojami zagadek była tak silna, że postanowiliśmy zaryzykować. I jak zwykle ekipa Escape Time nas nie zawiodła!
    Gra była prowadzona bardzo dobrze! Wkręciliśmy się w historie od razu. Co prawda może nie było tego efektu strachu, bo jednak siedzieliśmy na kanapie w domu, ale może w przypadku tego pokoju to i dobrze... można się tutaj nieźle wystraszyć. Okazuje się, że rozwiązywanie zagadek idzie sprawniej jak cały czas nie masz poczucia strachu.
    Nie przedłużając - polecam tę formę gry! Jest to naprawdę dobrze zorganizowane!
    Szczególnie zachęca, jeżeli ktoś ma do Gdańska daleko albo szuka pomysłu na firmową integrację!

    Overall rating: 10/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 10/10

    Difficulty: Hard


    530 pts

    363 reviews

    In the world of fragrances

    1/14/21 | visit date: 1/1/21

    Review of Lockme

    LockMe 363 reviews

    Although the scents cannot be felt through the monitor screen, you can easily feel the atmosphere in this room. Omnipresent anxiety, amazing stage setting, and very logical puzzles are the main advantages of this room. There is much to do in it.

    At first, the game master helps you familiarize yourself with the inventory of the room without leaving his role for a moment. It builds tension together with the scenography and the sound elements (which do not interfere with communication in any way),

    The interactive system of solving puzzles is very convenient, and the puzzles themselves are not very complicated, although they are also not the easiest. There's a lot going on in the room itself. However, the puzzles go very smoothly, and the solutions themselves bring satisfaction. Together with the game master, he will discover history and secrets, piece by piece, puzzle by puzzle.

    We personally love such a thriller atmosphere and we hope you will leave here as satisfied as we are.

    Difficulty: Easy

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