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Give your friends an unforgettable experience! Are they horror fans? Do they like to solve criminal puzzles? Or maybe they want to go on a journey into the unknown? You don’t need to know that - each of these desires will be satisfied with lockme gift vouchers.

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Bielsko-Biała 5 rooms Bydgoszcz 22 rooms Bytom 5 rooms Chorzów 6 rooms Dąbrowa Górnicza 4 rooms Gdańsk 20 rooms Gliwice 9 rooms Gorzów Wielkopolski 6 rooms Gostyń 1 room Jelenia Góra 1 room Katowice 9 rooms Kluczbork 2 rooms Kraków 19 rooms Krosno 1 room Legnica 3 rooms Lublin 5 rooms Łódź 3 rooms Olsztyn 9 rooms Oświęcim 1 room Poznań 36 rooms Pszczyna 1 room Rybnik 8 rooms Rzeszów 6 rooms Swarzędz 2 rooms Szczecin 6 rooms Toruń 9 rooms Warszawa 66 rooms Wrocław 50 rooms Zabrze 2 rooms Zakopane 8 rooms Zamość 2 rooms Żory 3 rooms

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How does a gift voucher works?

Lockme gift voucher is a universal gift for everyone. Thanks to the wide range of our partners’ offers, whoever gets the voucher will certainly find the perfect room for themselves. The process of ordering and using vouchers has been simplified to the necessary minimum and its amount can always be used up to the last penny. Moreover, you can order a gift voucher - printed on an elegant piece of paper and slipped into a decorative envelope.

Order gift voucher
Order gift voucher
Give it to the person of your choice
Give it to the person of your choice
Whoever gets the voucher can choose one of many rooms
Whoever gets the voucher can choose one of many rooms
Get yourself locked :)
Get yourself locked :)