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As a team, for several years we've been creating a place that is reliable source of information for both the player and the company, that offers its services in the escape room industry. We strive to make Lockme a friendly place for everyone, which is why we encourage all companies to help us and create their own business card on our site. Lockme has many advanced and constantly developed features that will allow you to take your business to the next level. Most importantly: the basic company showcase on Lockme is absolutely FREE! Together with the showcase, you get the access to the management panel, where you can conveniently edit your informaiton. But first meet us!

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What is Lockme?

In short - Lockme is a portal whose users create a raning of all escape rooms by city, province and the whole country. The escape rooms published with us create a reliable database and source of information about escape rooms, and allow users to book and review visits. Lockme is primarily people who use it - not only players but also companies.

An important function in building the ranking is our very detailed algorithm, which is our great and closely guarded secret. It is the heart of the portal, which is driven by users and their opinions. We will not reveal its details for one particular reason: we care the most about the reliability of the data and we do not want anyone to dishonestly use it. We will only reveal that the average room rating is not an arithmetic average, which means that a room with a higher average does not have to be higher in the overall ranking. The algorithm is constantly changed by us to make the data appearing on Lockme reliable.

Free showcase for your escape room

You don't have to be a Lockme Partner right away - we'll be pleased if you want to visit the website and see for yourself that it's worth being with us! Just being on Lockme costs nothing, and it helps us take care of the current state of the industry!

The site is visited by a lot of users for whom we are the main source of information about available rooms. If your company is on Lockme, then such a player will certainly find it, and it will allow you to reach more users. In terms of searches, we also take care of SEO and update ourselves in this topic, so you don't have to worry about reaching the client - we do it for you. We are a good place on the internet to tell the world about you, at least the escape room world. As part of the company showcase, you have access to a convenient administrative panel where you can add information about your company and rooms, and update it on a regular basis, so your offer will always be reliable for the user who is currently viewing it. Are these reasons enough to convince you that it pays to be at Lockme?

Features available at Lockme

See what features we offer in particular Lockme modules for Partners and ordinary showcases

Company Showcase

A free, basic account on the website, where you can present your company and all rooms that you have.

Fully free

Partner Showcase

A special account with additional features exclusively for Lockme Partners, that we constantly expand.

Only 15% gross on each booking

Lockme Profile

Clear presentation of the company and its rooms

Access to onvenient management panel

Contact form for the user

Room reviews and comments

Participation in the ranking

Visually clear calendar with convinient highlighting

Only for partners

Trustworthy reviews

Only for partners

Graphic distinction on the list of all rooms

Only for partners

Presentation of additional services that the company offers

Only for partners

Managing the profile

Possibility of responding to comments

Partner statistics showing the number of reservations broken down into weekdays, hours and other data that allow you to model your marketing activities

Only for partners

Insight into information sent by users to the drawer, so that the player can provide comments on the room without spoiling the plot

Only for partners

The ability to upload movies to the company or room profile

Only for partners

Booking system

Possibility to define detailed exceptions to hourly margins in any number

Only for partners

Additional calendar widgets in the form of ready to embed html codes, with the possibility of their graphical and color matching

Only for partners

Convenient calendar management

Only for partners

The ability to define promotions

Only for partners

Different levels of access for employees

Only for partners


Widgets ready to embed on the website to promote the company profile

Partner packages

Only for partners

Additional promotion on the main page of the website

Only for partners

Participation in special actions organized by Lockme

Only for partners

BotlandPartner account at, offering attractive discounts

Only for partners

Possibility to publish a mobile offer if the company has such a service

Only for partners

Choose an option and apply to us now

Booking system for your Escape room!

You don't have to be a partner to use our widget on your website: our reservation system is a product that you can buy separately, regardless of the form of the business card.

After embedding such a widget on the site, the customer will be able to book a visit with a cash payment on site or with your voucher (if you have one on offer). Our Lockme Partner calendar with online payment is FREE!

PLN 20 monthly basis +PLN 10 for each room monthly The given prices are net prices

Calendar features

  • fast definition of hourly entry slots
  • defining multiple price lists and assigning any number of them to a single hour slot (for example, you can create a price list for the same hour with or without an actor)
  • the possibility of creating exceptions for the whole day or on holidays or special events during which the entry hours will be different than standard or a different price list will apply
  • the possibility to visually match the calendar for the needs of your own website
  • booking without online payment with email confirmation (applies to the paid version of the calendar, i.e. for business owners with a basic business card)
  • convenient booking management
  • color division into reservations according to their source
  • option to assign a label to the booking, e.g. initials of the Game Master who will support the group
  • the possibility of sending additional information to the client along with the reservation, e.g. about arriving at the place of the game 15 minutes before the reserved time or with details of travel
  • the ability to add any number of emails to the recipient pool
  • dedicated mailing with order confirmation for both the user and the company with the option of shipping from your own mail server
  • the possibility of granting access to management to individual employees divided into branches (after issuing an e-mail order by the owner)
  • adding reservations manually, i.e. any reservations that were not made by portal users
  • access to all reservations in the form of a list, broken down by source

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