Nata L.
  • Escape Room Cela

    Tkalnia Zagadek


    22.01.2018 | Besuchsdatum: 21.01.2018

    We played in 5. The room and atmosphere are great! You feel as if you are in a real prison. The riddles are not so easy and answers are not so obvious and sometimes even it seems to be illogical) Every detail has to be used later even if it seems to be useless. We found it difficult to work with some of the lockers used in the room as they are a bit strange. But the general opinion is excellent. Definitely worth visiting. Recommend it)

  • Escape Room Laboratorium profesora Moreau

    Laboratorium profesora Moreau


    10.11.2017 | Besuchsdatum: 21.10.2017

    The room is not so difficult for beginners. Actually, all instructions are in polish, so someone has to know the language. The atmosphere is great. Definitely, recommend it for playing :)